A downloadable game for Windows

Have you ever wondered how game AI works? Why some enemies are so smart and some are stupid? Do you want to create your own unique AI? That's what we are going to show you in this game!

Robot Master is a programming robot combat game. In the game you have to program the AI for your robots to fight the opponents. In each level, you will face different enemies and you have to use different commands to accomplish various tasks.


  • Robot Programming
  • Exciting Robot Combat
  • 15 unique levels
  • Tough challenges

Planned Features

  • More levels - with new level mechanisms
  • Player match - player vs. player
  • Level editor - create your own level

How to play

In each level, you have to program your robot(s) to complete the level task.

Left click your robot to program it.

We use a Kodu-like programming mechanism in the game, for more information about Kudo please visit:

Contact us

  • ludachuan@kunpo.cc

Install instructions

Run RobotMaster.exe to start the game.

If the game doesn't run, please download and install the following runtimes:

If the background music doesn't play, please install the OpenAL:


robot-master-demo-win-alpha.zip 29 MB
Version 0.6.1 May 11, 2017